Six design tips to make your hotel tech savvy

There is an urgency in the Hotel industry not only to go greener but also to become more tech-friendly. Today, tech savvy hotel guests and travelers value free WIFI far more than a complimentary breakfast, but the guest overall experience goes beyond free WIFI. As interior designers, we place ourselves in the customers’ shoes.  We help you deliver an outstanding guest experience that incorporates technology, demonstrating that you understand your customers.

Our Tech Savvy Design Tips

As interior designers for the hospitality industry we know what will make your rooms and facilities stand out from the any other. Here our 6 tech tips to consider when designing your rooms:

  • The concept of Smart rooms is on the rise
  • Create everything with a mobile first mindset
  • Guests take an average of five connectable devices with them on nights away from home. Such heavyweight technology is needed to meet the energy-intensive expectation of today’s gadget-heavy customers
  • Offer outlets allowing Guests to charge everything
  • Lamps with USB ports are becoming popular
  • Focus on digital and social a lot more because more than 30 percent of business is from online channels

The Future of Hospitality Interior Design

The future is …. Guests will be able to customise their own room to their needs from a website or App. When they arrive at thir hotel everything will be exactly as they planned it. Whether it’s a bottle of champagne on ice or a penthouse with disco-lights, Personalisation is going to play a huge role in the future of hospitality design. As more and more hotels are already starting to adapt it as a concept isn’t it time you did?  Contact Living Interiors Today