Going Green with hotel interior design

Going Green is much more than installing a few water saving devices and it can become part of your design. Just like the tech savvy travelers there are a growing number of green travelers who will choose your hotel because of your green design and appreciation.

Going green reduces costs, it helps you gain recognition and it attracts more guests. By going green you will grab the attention of more guests that will be willing to pay more for your eco-friendly features and green design.

Our Going Green Tips

Cutting down on waste and using smart technology to manage buildings is becoming the norm. At Living Interiors we focus on improving the experience of your guests. Here are our green tips that you can incorporate into your design:

  • Plants purify the air
  • Grow trees
  • Use organic food in the kitchen
  • Recycle plastic, paper, bottles and cans
  • Glass versus plastic
  • Replace chemical cleaners with natural ingredients
  • Water recycling
  • Eco smart shower and basin aerators reduce water consumption by 60{681c7b0d0994e0ae28dccb84636eac2167814aeff0d2af854d3d1066d86f6d1c}
  • LED lights are eco-friendly, contain no mercury or other harmful gasses or emit any harmful UV rays – These can reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 80{681c7b0d0994e0ae28dccb84636eac2167814aeff0d2af854d3d1066d86f6d1c}.
  • Set thermostats efficiently
  • Replace plastic laundry bags with cloth bags
  • Utilise Key card systems to activate lights and aircon

Going Green and Design

At Living Interiors we appreciate how going green becomes a capital expenditure for any business in the Hospitality sector. Have you considered how Going Green by design could recoup capital outlay through an improved customer experience?  To find out more contact us today