Bedroom Bliss

The Perfect Hotel Guest Bedroom

Forward-looking Guest houses and Boutique hotels are bringing that ‘extra’ element that guests are seeking in the guestroom that are destined to impress.

Everything is about experience and that means going beyond the conventional and using design to deliver a guest experience like never before.

So, where does Bedroom Bliss Begin?

It begins with the Guests first stay ….when was the last time you stayed at your own Hotel?

Let Living Interiors take your Guest rooms to the next level!

Our aim is to design exquisite and incredible hotel and guest house interiors to make your guests beyond happy, attracting clientele who become customers for life!

What do guests really want?

Understand the type of customer you want to attract and the deliver an experience tailor made to attract that customer and keep them.


  • “Personalisation is what they want,”
  • Unique, authentic, meaningful, memorable experiences
  • Adventure and discovery versus comfort and familiarity
  • Smart technology and superfast WIFI
  • Social connectivity with an instagrammable online presence
  • Latest Modern luxury
  • Must-haves for any luxury hotel brand that wants to remain relevant


Hotel Design Trends that will Wow Your Guests

Smart Technology

Smart rooms are on the rise. Invest in and embrace savvy design with  technology. Consider these ideas:

  • Adjustable lights, temperature, tv, and blinds using smartphones or iPads
  • Personalised tablets control everything from room temperature to food service orders with  super-fast Wi-Fi
  • Organise your bedside table with USB wall sockets or an alarm clock with iPod docking station

Personalised Experience

Touch of personalityGuests focus on “experiencing” rather than on “having.”

Delivering unique and authentic experiences through design elements. Offer guests a more personalized and fresh experience that they will enjoy and seek to relive.

Always adding that extra personalised touch, to make guests feel  special  such as hand delivering that cup of coffee and playing your guests favourite music all adds up to a memorable stay

Spa like Bathrooms

A well designed bathroom with spa-like features is a welcoming invitation for guests to relax and enjoy the best amenities you have to offer amenities

Think en-suite Bathrooms featuring rain showers, over-sized bathtubs soft lighting and music providing the ultimate experience that keeps guests coming back.

The Greener the better

green bedroom bliss

  • Recycle, reduce, reuse – Glass versus plastic
  • Replace chemical cleaners with natural ingredients
  • Eco smart shower and basin aerators reduce water consumption by 60{681c7b0d0994e0ae28dccb84636eac2167814aeff0d2af854d3d1066d86f6d1c}
  • LED lights reduce energy consumption by up to 80{681c7b0d0994e0ae28dccb84636eac2167814aeff0d2af854d3d1066d86f6d1c}.
  • Set thermostats efficiently
  • Replace plastic laundry bags with cloth bags
  • Utilise Key card systems to activate lights and aircon
  • Over-sized windows for natural lighting are just a few of the hotel trends for staying green.